Triple-Chime Howard Miller Grandfather Clock-Model 610-406

This is my grandparents’ Howard Miller grandfather clock. It is a model # 610-406. They received it as a gift in 1991 from a church congregation when they moved (my grandpa was a preacher there). This video is of it playing the Westminster chimes and I will post more videos of the other two chimes soon.

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This entry was posted on Tuesday, April 26th, 2011 at 7:25 am and is filed under misc. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed.

20 Responses to “Triple-Chime Howard Miller Grandfather Clock-Model 610-406”

  1. amtrakboy37 Says:

    My favorite part of the Howard Miller clocks like that is the gong. Sounds JUST LIKE BIG BEN! :)

  2. 2000aVR6 Says:

    Something might be worn in that clock thats causing the weights to move down too fast.

  3. clockwork1297 Says:

    That’s correct.

  4. mike2moto Says:

    is this the 65th anniversary edition.?
    we have that clock && it chimes EXACTLY the same
    just a little slower

  5. jaxenlabs Says:

    Nice Howard Miller Theodore Light Cherry Grandfather Clock clockwork1297!

  6. clockwork1297 Says:

    When I get a chance, I’ll look at the labels on the bottom of the weights to see if they’re correctly positioned.

  7. dlambo1 Says:

    I’m no HM clock expert but that pendulum speed and chime seems very fast to me. My new Howard Miller Urban III ticks much slower and the chime is a lot slower than this example. You sure it’s running correctly?

  8. cyberlight22 Says:

    the center waight is fot the clock and the left and right waights are for the chime and the strike corect?

  9. clockwork1297 Says:

    This clock doesn’t have a NAME exactly, only a model number. It’s 15+ years old, so it was made before Howard Miller started giving their clocks special names.

  10. cyberlight22 Says:

    the chimes sound fast for the left and right waights to be that low

  11. clockwork1297 Says:

    Thanks for commenting, and I understand. I love the deep melodies in today’s Howard Miller clocks but it just can’t compare to the sound of older clocks like sodaclublad collects. And I’ll post the other two chimes ASAP.

  12. clockwork1297 Says:

    Are you sure it’s a Theodore? This clock is about 15 years old and I don’t know if Howard Miller gave special names to their clocks then like they do now. I’ve looked inside the case and all I’ve seen is the model and serial number.

  13. jaxenlabs Says:

    it’s 2pm!

  14. Ulairi71 Says:

    Super nice clock! I think that the fast chime is probably because one of your weights is in the wrong place (the weights have labels on the bottom telling where to put them) too heavy a weight will make the clock chime faster.

  15. davidfberry1972 Says:

    Is there a way to control the tempo of the chime? The westminster chime on this clock sound so much faster than other grandfather clocks.

  16. bsulli85 Says:

    Nice sound to this Howard Miller, it’s sort of haunting. I don’t like how they make the chimes in them nowadays. Post the other two chimes!

  17. clockwork1297 Says:

    Please keep in mind that this clock is 20+ years old; it’s possible that it chimes fast because of its age (I know that makes NO sense). Another user asked me if the problem could be that the weights were in the wrong order, so I checked them, but they are all in the right place.

  18. dlambo1 Says:

    That chime and pendelum speed are waaay too fast, did you just set it up? My Howard Miller Urban III chimes a heckuva lot slower and more traditional than this example.

  19. clockwork1297 Says:

    The chimes are pretty fast compared to today’s Howard Miller grandfathers which are SLOW!

  20. clockwork1297 Says:

    I know, the chimes have always sounded kinda fast to me and I thought it had something to do with the weights.

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